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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Ireland Articles


Call for schools to ban tackling in rugby

2nd March 2016

Doctors are calling for UK and Irish schools to ban tackling in rugby matches.

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Branded tobacco packs banned in Ireland

10th March 2015

Ireland first in Europe to ban branded cigarette packets.

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New abortion law in Ireland

31st July 2013

New law will see abortions under limited circumstances allowed in Republic of Ireland.

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Leprosy reported in Republic of Ireland

11th June 2013

Health authorities in the Irish Republic have reported first recorded case of leprosy.

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Mental health law changes expected

14th May 2013

Irish mental health legislation expected to be changed.

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Irish cabinet to decide on abortion bill

30th April 2013

The Irish cabinet is to decide on controversial abortion bill later.

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Irish woman loses right-to-die case

11th January 2013

Terminally ill Irish woman loses her battle for right-to-die.

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Ireland cuts back on elderly care

31st August 2012

Ireland's health service to cut back on elderly care and overtime pay.

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Call for heart surgery provision in Ireland

30th August 2012

Campaigners call for an All-Ireland children's heart surgery provision.

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Infection kills two babies at Belfast hospital

20th January 2012

An outbreak of pseudomonas at the Royal Maternity Hospital in Belfast has killed two babies.

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