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Wednesday 24th July 2019

Technology Articles


Wearable tech for stoke patients

26th February 2018

Wearable sensors are being developed by scientists in the US to speed up stroke recovery.

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Lab-on-a-chip technology launched

5th August 2016

IBM have launched technology to spot cancer symptoms before they appear.

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Brain implant helps paralysed man move his fingers

14th April 2016

Man, paralysed from the chest down, is able to move his fingers for first time in six years after a chip was implanted in his brain.

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Webinar on simple technology in the NHS

19th January 2016

Free webinar to discuss how to make the most of simple technology.

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Trusts could save money by using existing tech better

19th October 2015

Monitor director says trusts could save money by making better use of their existing technology.

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IT rollouts can be fatal for health organisations

7th July 2015

Health organisations can make 'rookie mistakes' in their technology implementation leaving hospitals vulnerable to patient safety risks.

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Is there a future for Google Glass in healthcare?

25th November 2014

Google Glass may have faced a public backlash, but there could be a future for the new technology in healthcare.

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Jeremy Hunt urges NHS to use technology

9th June 2014

Make more creative use of technology says Jeremy Hunt.

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Apple's software update to healthcare 'hub'

4th June 2014

Apple has released plans to enter the health market with its own centralised hub for healthcare apps.

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List published of NHS trusts successful in bids for funding

30th May 2014

NHS England has published a list of NHS trusts that were successful in their bids for 'Safer Hospitals, Safer Wards Technology Fund'.

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