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Sunday 27th May 2018

Computer Articles


Older people reduce dementia risk by using a computer

7th March 2016

Research suggests older people who use a computer at least once a week are less likely to develop memory and thinking problems.

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Depression linked to late night screen use

24th July 2012

A US study has found a link between sitting in front of a computer or TV screen late at night or leaving it on when you fall asleep and depression.

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Wifi cards linked to sperm damage

29th November 2011

Researchers in Argentina found that sperm exposed to wireless cards used in laptop computers showed DNA damage.

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NHS Office software for Scotland

22nd November 2010

Free copies of a new NHS Office product given to staff across the Scottish health service.

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NHS news 12/11/10

11th November 2010

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Website saves NHS 'millions'

9th November 2010

A study suggests the NHS is saving money thanks to self-diagnosing website.

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Hundreds wrongly told children are obese

11th October 2010

Hundreds of parents have been told their children are overweight after a computer glitch sent official letters.

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Computer predicts malaria outbreaks

4th October 2010

A computer model is launched that can predict malaria outbreaks up to 90 days in advance.

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UK news 16/4/10

16th April 2010

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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Internet sourced diagnosis often unreliable

12th April 2010

UK researchers find only 200 out of 500 sites offer 'correct information'.

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