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Thursday 21st June 2018

Lead Poisoning Articles


Playground equipment paint toxic

25th January 2016

Research suggests paint on playground equipment contains high amounts of toxin lead.

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Solar power link to lead poisoning risk

13th September 2011

The boom in solar energy could mean more people are put at risk from lead poisoning linked to the disposal of batteries.

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China villagers suffer lead poisoning

25th March 2011

More than 100 villagers have been poisoned by lead emissions from battery plant.

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China vows to curb heavy metal pollution

22nd February 2011

Officials try to address recent protests by angry parents who say their children have been made sick by polluting factories.

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Chinese children get lead poisoning

27th July 2010

Authorities in Yunnan province say more cases are expected to emerge, linked to illegal gold smelting.

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Chinese children poisoned by lead

26th July 2010

At least 84 children in southwestern China have been poisoned by lead from illegal smelters.

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Nigerian deaths link to gold mines

15th June 2010

Illegal gold mines have been linked to the deaths of dozens of children from lead poisoning.

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Lead lurking in spice rack

18th March 2010

Indian spices linked to lead poisoning in children.

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Lead poisoning in central China

25th August 2009

A second wave of lead poisoning cases creates an outcry near a smelting plant in Hunan.

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Chinese children 'lead poisoned'

12th August 2009

Villagers in rural China take factories to task after their children get lead poisoning.

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