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Tuesday 19th June 2018

C Diff Articles


C diff used to treat C diff

6th May 2015

US doctors have treated Clostridium difficile infections with another dose of C diff.

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Sheep could hold key to treatment against C diff

3rd December 2013

Welsh biotech company say sheep could help combat C diff.

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Hospital infection deaths fall

23rd August 2013

Figures for England and Wales show a drop in MRSA and C diff deaths.

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Apology for C diff outbreak from hospital

15th August 2013

Hospital in North Wales has apologised for the C diff outbreak earlier this year.

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C diff test developed

6th August 2013

C diff test developed to predict patients most at risk.

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New C diff strain kills three people

2nd May 2013

Three patients have died in Scotland after catching new strain of C diff.

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Stool transplant cures C diff in gut

18th January 2013

An infusion of the faeces of a healthy person has a high cure rate, three times better than currently prescribed antibiotics, a Dutch trial shows.

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Artificial poo could be key in fight against superbugs

11th January 2013

Scientists develop synthetic 'poo' that could be key to curing deadly superbugs.

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Dog sniffs out C diff

14th December 2012

Researchers taught a beagle to sniff out C diff in stool samples and in infected patients.

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How C diff travels the world

11th December 2012

Strains of the superbug mutate and spread rapidly, once they become resistant to antibiotics.

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