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Wednesday 23rd August 2017

School Dinners Articles


Schools to limit fried food

17th June 2014

Ministers announce new regulations for school food.

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Packed lunches should be banned

12th July 2013

Head Teachers are urged to ban packed lunches.

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Tips on a healthy packed school lunch

3rd September 2012

Paediatrician offers parents tips for a nutritious and fun school lunch.

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Children living in poverty miss out on free school meals

20th April 2012

Study finds many children living in poverty are missing out on free school dinners.

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School lunch overhaul will not affect rise of obesity

10th February 2012

Government decision to raise nutrition standards in schools across the US will not affect the rising rate of obesity among children.

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Schools to offer meal deals

29th December 2011

Schools to offer lunch deals to encourage pupils to eat healthily.

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Free water to be added to school menus

22nd September 2010

A bill introduced to put free water on school menus in California.

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UK news 10/09/10

10th September 2010

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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School meals can 'tempt' fussy eaters

3rd September 2010

Reseachers found four out of five children had tried food at school that they had not tried at home.

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First Lady calls for child nutrition bill

2nd August 2010

Michelle Obama asks Congress to pass legislation to improve nutritional standards and fight childhood obesity in schools.

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