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Sunday 27th May 2018

Conflict Articles


Conflict threatens Mali civilians

15th January 2013

Medicins San Frontieres has warned people are unable to get to hospital in areas under bombardment.

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Doctors smuggled in for secret hospital

29th May 2012

A group of UK-based Syrian doctors is helping to run secret hospitals inside the country amid continuing attacks on opposition supporters.

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UN backs Syrian hospital torture claims

6th March 2012

The United Nations says video and testimony given to its investigators largely support recent Channel 4 video showing tortured Syrian patients.

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Wounded Syrians walk to Lebanon

20th December 2011

Syrians wounded in their country's internal conflict are having their access to emergency medical care blocked by government agents.

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Millions hit by drought in Afghanistan

22nd November 2011

Aid agencies are warning that children could soon be starving amid a huge shortfall in aid donations.

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Bahrain jails doctors amid rights concerns

29th September 2011

Report details a litany of abuses of doctors, nurses, paramedics and injured patients during recent protests.

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Disease threat in refugee camps

19th July 2011

Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia are under threat from cholera, polio and measles, according to the UN.

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Child mental health linked to combat time

5th July 2011

The amount of time a military parents spends in a combat zone affects the mental health of their children.

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Trauma link to heart disease risk

31st May 2011

People who suffer from post-traumatic stress could have a higher risk of heart disease.

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TB on the rise in Somaliland

27th September 2010

Doctors say the custom of khat chewing may boost the spread of the disease.

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