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Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Diabetics Articles


One slice of wholemeal toast a day could control diabetes

13th December 2017

Research finds diabetes symptoms could be controlled by eating a low-carb diet.

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Adults diagnosed with wrong diabetes

1st December 2017

A study has found adults are being diagnosed with the wrong diabetes and receiving the wrong treatment.

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Diabetes key factor in cancer surge

29th November 2017

Researchers say worldwide surge in cancer is caused by diabetes.

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Add eggs to your diet to reduce risk of cancer

22nd November 2017

Research suggests risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease could be reduced by adding eggs to your diet.

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Snacking could reduce diabetes symptoms

17th November 2017

Research suggests snacking on almonds could reduce some symptoms of diabetes.

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Herbs to help fatigue

6th November 2017

Herbs to help reduce fatigue, diabetes, stress and cholesterol.

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Caffeine could help diabetes sufferers live longer

14th September 2017

Study finds regular caffeine consumption was linked to women with diabetes living longer.

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Population-level public health strategies for cutting diabetes

7th February 2017

Research shows population weight control could prevent twice as many cases of type 2 diabetes.

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Type 2 diabetes risen in England

10th October 2016

According to NHS data prescriptions for type 2 diabetes has risen by a third in England in last five years.

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Experimental drug could cut heart events in diabetics

19th September 2016

Study reveals experimental drug, semaglutide, reduces major cardiovascular events by 26%.

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