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Monday 28th May 2018

Driving Articles


Drink-drive limit should be lowered

20th May 2015

Police call for drink-drive limit to be lowered.

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Mild dehydration increases driver errors

20th April 2015

A study finds driving errors double due to mild dehydration.

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Ease back pain while driving

14th October 2011

The best way is to take a break frequently and adopt a good posture.

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Distracted driving on the rise

14th June 2011

Researchers warn distracted driving is rising despite laws.

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Restrictions on new drivers

21st September 2010

Researchers say newly qualified young drivers should be banned from night driving.

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UK news 17/9/10

20th September 2010

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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Motorists should be warned of medication dangers

17th September 2010

Nurses need to do more to make sure motorists are aware of the dangers when taking medication.

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Tougher drink drive limit will hit modest drinkers

17th June 2010

Plans to cut drink-drive limit by halve will only affect those who abide by the law.

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Lowering drink-drive limit could save lives

17th June 2010

A new study says 16,000 injuries and 170 road deaths could be prevented each year if drink-drive limit reduced.

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Britain gets a lesson in health from Bogata

24th June 2009

UK towns and cities should become more like the Colombian capital of Bogota in terms of transport policies.

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