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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Meditation Articles


Meditation changes the brain

19th June 2012

Researchers in China and the United States say that focused meditation changes parts of the brain involved in self-regulation.

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Meditation improves the brain

19th March 2012

People who have practised meditation for years have more folds in their brain, and may be better able to integrate thought, emotion and instinct.

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Meditation training can reduce pain

6th April 2011

New study suggests meditation is better for pain relief than drugs.

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Mindfulness classes help women with hot flashes

18th March 2011

A new study suggests women with severe hot flashes have been helped with classes that include meditation and stretching.

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Attention span increased by meditation

16th July 2010

Research into whether Buddhist meditation can improve a person's ability to be attentive.

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Zen meditation may block pain

2nd March 2010

Research shows that the practice thickens the brain, blocking sensitivity to pain.

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Meditation therapy should be available on NHS

6th January 2010

A mental health charity calls for meditation therapy to be made readily available on the NHS.

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Heart disease 'eased' by meditation

17th November 2009

US researchers say heart disease patients have reduced death rates by practising Transcendental Meditation.

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Secrets of cancer survivors

11th August 2008

A new study reveals how cancer survivors use complementary and alternative therapies.

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Meditation slows HIV

28th July 2008

Meditation appears to boost the body's immune response in just a few weeks.

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