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Monday 28th May 2018

X-ray Articles


X-ray app developed by medical consultants

10th February 2014

New x-ray app can be used for training.

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Dentists warned against x-ray machine

4th December 2012

Dentists have been warned against using hand-held x-ray machine over radiation fears.

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Pneumonia patients don't always need chest x-ray

27th April 2011

A new study from Canada suggests not all pneumonia patients need chest x-rays to look for lung cancer.

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Inappropriate x-rays at Brooklyn hospital

13th April 2011

Inspectors have found some inappropriate x-rays of premature babies have been administered.

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Cancer risk from airport x-ray scanners

28th March 2011

Experts say new security scanners at airports increase risk of cancer.

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New x-ray treatment could save sight

11th March 2011

The NHS is trialling a revoluntionary new x-ray treatment that could save the sight of thousands.

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Low dose x-rays are not 'safe'

10th February 2011

New research has discovered there is no such thing as a 'safe' x-ray.

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X-rays linked to childhood leukaemia

20th January 2011

X-rays are a major cause of leukemia in children.

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Laser could replace x-rays

27th September 2010

Researchers say portable laser device could soon replace x-rays as a non-invasive way to spot early signs of disease.

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DH crackdown on body scans

7th April 2010

The DH is introducing tough new rules to regulate MOT-style scans.

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