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Wednesday 24th July 2019

Schools Articles


Call for schools to ban tackling in rugby

2nd March 2016

Doctors are calling for UK and Irish schools to ban tackling in rugby matches.

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Schools make 999 calls over mental health

9th November 2015

Due to service shortages head teachers are having to call 999 to get treatment for pupils with mental health problems.

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Schools in Liberia reopen

17th February 2015

Six months after closing to try and curb the spread of Ebola many schools in Liberia reopen.

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Schools should check children's teeth

22nd October 2014

NICE says schools and nurseries should check children are brushing their teeth.

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Schools to get emergency inhalers

9th September 2014

From 1 October schools will be allowed to keep an inhaler for use in emergencies.

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Emergency inhalers to be kept in schools

24th July 2014

Schools will be able to keep emergency inhalers from October.

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Schools urged to watch for signs of abuse

9th May 2014

Michael Gove has written to all schools and colleges urging them to be alert for signs of abuse.

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Asthma inhalers for schools

24th April 2014

Campaigners say plans for schools to keep spare inhalers could reduce risk of emergency hospital admissions.

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Cash incentive for schools to deliver free childcare

16th January 2014

Schools offered £10,000 grants to provide free childcare to disadvantaged two-year olds.

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Flu data to be collected from schools

13th November 2013

Data on flu outbreaks from UK schools to better understand its spread.

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