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Monday 21st May 2018

Vision Articles


Gene therapy reverses sight loss

29th April 2016

Vision improved with gene therapy in patients who would have gone blind.

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Tablet game combats lazy eye

4th March 2015

Ubisoft working on a game to combat lazy eye condition that can reduce vision.

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Smart glasses improve vision

8th August 2014

Smart glasses that can improve vision has won £500,000 award to go toward a large-scale test.

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Vision test could spot concussion

28th February 2014

A new study finds a simple vision test for athletes on sidelines could help spot concussion.

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iPad app for GPs

9th December 2013

iPad app developed by INPS to give GPs secure access to their Vision patient records.

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iPads could help people with 'low vision' read easier

13th November 2012

A new study suggests iPads and other tablets can help people with 'low vision' read faster and easier.

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Ultralase launches world-first Twitter eyesight mash-up

12th September 2011

Pioneering interactive UK prescription map to help raise funds for Vision Aid Overseas.

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Cheap reading glasses could damage eyes

28th October 2010

They may only cost £1, but they could end up costing you your eyesight.

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Cancer drug saves eyesight

16th March 2010

Doctors use Avastin to treat rare eye disease in two patients.

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Half a brain, near perfect vision

21st July 2009

Researchers have discovered why a girl with an underdeveloped brain can see out of one eye.

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