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Thursday 24th May 2018

Placenta Articles


Zika virus found in amniotic fluid

18th February 2016

Study finds the zika virus can cross the placenta and reach unborn babies.

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Placenta 'key' in gestation period

17th November 2010

The structure of placenta could determine pregnancy length of humans and other mammals.

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Liquorice warning for mums-to-be

7th October 2009

Research suggests pregnant women who eat large quanitities of liquorice could affect child's intelligence and behaviour.

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Placenta acts as parasite

9th November 2007

Researchers discover placenta acts as a parasite to avoid attack by mother's immune system.

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Placenta risk link to caesarean

2nd May 2007

Women are more likely to have placenta problems in second birth if first birth was by caesarean.

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