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Friday 20th April 2018

Sun Articles


How many deaths because of the heatwave?

19th July 2013

According to The Times, hundreds of lives have been claimed by the heatwave.

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Protect your skin this summer

22nd May 2013

Make sure you protect against the sun and even use protection on cloudy days.

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Suncream made from strawberries protects against sunburn

8th August 2012

Scientists have found that anthocyanin, which gives strawberries their red colour, could protect you from harmful UV rays.

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Number of over-50s diagnosed with skin cancer has trebled in 30 years

24th July 2012

According to Cancer Research UK, an average 25 cases of malignant melanoma are diagnosed in the over-50s every day.

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Natural ways to reduce skin cancer risk

20th July 2012

A daily, moderate dose of sun without sunscreen is beneficial for skin.

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Sunlight could impede spread of chickenpox

19th December 2011

Researchers say exposure to sunlight could help stop spread of chickenpox.

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Lack of sunlight affects wellbeing

14th November 2011

Lack of light can have a serious impact on our energy levels.

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Morning sunbathing could reduce skin cancer risk

25th October 2011

A study suggests avoiding sunbathing in the afternoon could reduce risk of developing skin cancer.

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Sunscreen pill could be on its way

31st August 2011

Tests on humans could soon begin as scientists believe they can create a synthetic replica of coral's ability to resist the sun's harmful rays.

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Skin cancer risk from flip flops

19th July 2011

Experts warn that flip flops and baseball caps can increase risk of skin cancer.

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