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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Assaults Articles


Patients over 75 responsible for half of physical assaults

19th July 2016

Figures show patients over 75 are responsible for more than half of the physical assaults on NHS staff across England.

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Alcohol plays part in ambulance staff assaults

15th December 2015

Research finds around two thirds of ambulance staff in Scotland are assaulted by people who are drunk.

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Mental health lone workers assaulted

8th July 2015

Survey finds nearly a quarter of lone mental health workers have been assaulted.

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6% rise in assaults on NHS staff in England last year

2nd December 2013

Latest figures show a rise in reported assaults against NHS staff in England.

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60% of nurses on home visits assaulted

11th May 2012

Figures show 60% of nurses visiting patients at home had been verbally assaulted.

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Assaults on NHS workers has increased

30th November 2010

Latest figures show an increase in physical assaults on NHS staff last year.

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Court proceedings for assualts on emergency staff up

25th October 2010

Latest figures show a increase of five-fold in assault prosecutions since 2005.

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NHS news 9/7/10

12th July 2010

A round up of health news over the past week.

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Zero tolerance for assults on ambulance staff

7th July 2010

Union calls for crack down on people who assault ambulance staff.

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150 NHS staff attacked every day

17th November 2009

Survey of NHS staff showed mental health workers suffer over 70% of assaults.

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