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Wednesday 20th June 2018

Nasal Articles


Eye drops are poisonous

26th October 2012

The FDA has warned parents about eye drops and nose sprays.

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Nasal sprays have little benefit for sinusitis

16th May 2012

A British analysis found nasal sprays only offer a small amount of benefit and only after several weeks.

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Contaminated nasal spray recalled

17th January 2012

Sterimar Isotonic (100ml), a saline nasal spray, is being recalled amid fears of possible bacterial contamination.

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Squirt of gas could stop sneezing fits

27th September 2011

Carbon dioxide could be new treatment for allergies.

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Nasal tanning product warning

2nd August 2011

A new tanning spray is being sold in the UK, but people are being urged not to use it.

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Nasal surgery fails most

29th July 2011

A survey suggests nose operation to relieve snoring and sleep problems does not always work.

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Tips on how to beat a cold

14th December 2010

How to tackle your cold symptoms.

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Vicks nasal sprays recalled

20th November 2009

Vicks nasal sprays are being recalled over fears they could be contaminated.

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Rapid cooling helps heart attacks

17th November 2009

A device that cools through the nose can boost survival rates.

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Nasal spray flu vaccine approved

25th October 2007

US advisers have approved nasal spray FluMist to be given to children as young as 2.

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