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Sunday 15th September 2019

Europe & Scandinavia Articles


Russia smoke ban part of bid to lengthen life

26th February 2013

President Vladimir Putin has signed a law banning smoking in public in Russia.

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Mediterranean diet cuts heart death risk

26th February 2013

A Spanish study of high-risk individuals links the diet to a 30% reduction in heart attack, stroke and death.

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Could acupuncture relieve allergies?

19th February 2013

A German study suggests acupuncture could relieve seasonal allergies.

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Early lunch boosts weight loss

29th January 2013

Researchers say people who eat most of their food intake later in the day lose weight more slowly than early lunchers.

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Stool transplant cures C diff in gut

18th January 2013

An infusion of the faeces of a healthy person has a high cure rate, three times better than currently prescribed antibiotics, a Dutch trial shows.

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Spanish march against healthcare selloffs

15th January 2013

The 'white tide' marches in Madrid have continued into the New Year in protest at privatisation plans.

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Germany in organ donor scandal

8th January 2013

Investigation in east Germany over allegations that doctors manipulated an organ waiting list.

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Dog sniffs out C diff

14th December 2012

Researchers taught a beagle to sniff out C diff in stool samples and in infected patients.

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Childlessness linked to early death

7th December 2012

Involuntary childlessness may increase the likelihood of early death.

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'e-Nose' breath test detects TB

27th November 2012

Scientists are developing a cheap and simple diagnostic test that can 'sniff out' tuberculosis.

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