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Saturday 21st September 2019

Toddlers Articles


Not enough young getting flu vaccine

28th November 2014

Chief medical officer for England has warned that not enough toddlers are having the flu jab.

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Toddler snoring linked to behaviour problems

14th August 2012

Toddlers who snore are more likely to have problems such as hyperactivity, depression and attention issues.

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Change4Life partners LazyTown

14th September 2011

Change4Life wants to encourage two to five year olds to eat healthy and be more active.

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Putting baby in nursery could increase risk of heart disease

12th September 2011

A leading psychologist claims putting babies and toddlers in day-care may affect their future health.

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Sports training for babies and toddlers

1st December 2010

Training for babies as young as six months.

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How to prevent choking while eating

9th July 2010

Tips on how to help prevent choking on food among infants and toddlers.

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Good childcare benefits teenage years

14th May 2010

New research suggests good childcare for toddlers will benefit them in their teenage years.

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TV for toddlers can 'cause harm'

4th May 2010

Researchers warn too much TV for toddlers may mean they do badly at school.

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No cold remedies for under-twos

22nd January 2008

The FDA says children under two should not be given over-the-counter cough and cold medicines.

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Too much TV causes problems

1st October 2007

Research says too much TV can cause behavioural problems in toddlers, but damage can be reversed.

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