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Saturday 26th May 2018

Cancelled Operations Articles


Ops cancelled to cope with winter surge

22nd December 2017

Non-emergency operations are to be cancelled in the new year.

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Cancelled operations not officially counted

22nd September 2016

Figures suggest thousands of operations were cancelled last year in English hospitals but not officially counted.

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Cancelled op waits at 10-year high

13th May 2016

Cancelled op waits in England are at their highest figure for 10 years.

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900 operations hit by hosital crisis

5th March 2015

Since the start of 2015 more than 900 patients in the West of England have had their operations cancelled.

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80 beds to be opened at Nottingham

14th September 2012

Nottingham University Hospitals Trust to open 80 new beds after being forced to cancel an 'unprecedented' number of operations.

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Cancelled Operations

17th November 2010

Cancelled Operations statistics for the quarter ending September 2010

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NHS news 16/4/10

17th April 2010

A round up of NHS news over past week.

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Cancelled operations reach a new high

16th April 2010

Figures suggest cancelled operations have reached a new high in Scotland.

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