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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Netherlands Articles


Stool transplant cures C diff in gut

18th January 2013

An infusion of the faeces of a healthy person has a high cure rate, three times better than currently prescribed antibiotics, a Dutch trial shows.

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Dog sniffs out C diff

14th December 2012

Researchers taught a beagle to sniff out C diff in stool samples and in infected patients.

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Salmonella found in Dutch smoked fish

3rd October 2012

Dutch health authorities say scores of people in Netherlands and US have caught salmonella.

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Bird flu could mutate to cause pandemic

26th June 2012

Scientists warn the H5N1 virus could change form and spread rapidly between humans.

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Active children perform better at school

3rd January 2012

A Dutch review suggests active children perform better in the classroom.

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DNA sequence of woman who died at 115

17th October 2011

Scientists piece together the DNA of a woman who lived to 115 and had no signs of dementia.

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Dutch cars to breathalyse their drivers

11th October 2011

New measures aimed at curbing drunk driving deaths in the beer-loving Netherlands will target those with a previous conviction.

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Aspirin link to age-related vision loss

4th October 2011

Researchers said the benefits of aspirin could still outweigh the risks for some patients.

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Ecstasy use leads to brain damage

12th April 2011

A study has found ecstasy users are at risk of brain damage and memory loss.

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Stress raises risk of heart death

13th September 2010

New research provides further evidence that stress really is bad for your heart.

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