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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Toxic Articles


Campaign to ban diesel engines in London

12th December 2016

Medical professionals call for a ban in London of all diesel cars claiming 9,400 Londoners die each year from breathing in toxic fumes.

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Playground equipment paint toxic

25th January 2016

Research suggests paint on playground equipment contains high amounts of toxin lead.

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Aluminium found in infant formulas

5th December 2012

Toxic aluminium levels found in commercial infant formulas.

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Baby foods found to contain arsenic

11th April 2011

Call for urgent new safety rules after baby foods found to contain 'alarming' amounts of arsenic and toxic metals.

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Banana peel can be used to purify water

22nd March 2011

Scientists say banana peel can be used to purify drinking water contaminated with toxic heavy metals.

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Three substances found to trigger gut disease

22nd July 2010

Three key substances that trigger coeliac disease have been discovered by UK and Australian researchers.

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Milk powder tainted with melamine seized in China

9th July 2010

76 tonnes of milk powder tainted with the chemical responsible for the deaths of six babies two years ago.

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Nigerian deaths link to gold mines

15th June 2010

Illegal gold mines have been linked to the deaths of dozens of children from lead poisoning.

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Banned pills still on sale in UK

30th March 2010

Despite warnings a carcinogenic Chinese medicine is still being sold in the UK.

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Contamination not linked to cancer deaths

1st October 2009

A report has found cancer deaths at the centre of a contamination probe were 'coincidence'.

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