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Friday 22nd June 2018

Walk Articles


A walk a day helps older adults keep mobile

29th May 2014

New study reveals daily walks can help keep disability at bay and improve quality of life for older adults.

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Older men could reduce risk of stroke

18th November 2013

A study suggests older men can reduce their risk of stroke by taking a daily walk.

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Number of pupils walking to school is 'falling'

20th May 2013

Walk-to-school campaigners say half of parents drive their children to school even though they live under a mile away.

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One in four adults walk less than one hour a week

13th May 2013

An online survey by YouGov has found a quarter of adults in the UK walk for an hour or less a week.

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Brain fatigue eased by a walk in the park

10th April 2013

A recent study shows a simple walk through the park can alleviate brain fatigue.

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Stroke recovery boosted by walking

8th March 2013

Researchers say regular brisk walking can help stroke survivors' recovery.

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Walking should be norm for short distances

28th November 2012

Experts say walking and cycling should become norm for all short journeys.

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Researchers say it's never too late to get fit

18th September 2012

US study finds people in their 70s can reduce risk of disability by 41% by participating in a walking exercise programme.

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Pedometers could help elderly get moving

1st June 2012

New study suggests pedometers may motivate elderly to fit more walking into their daily routines.

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A walk in the park could improve your mood

16th May 2012

Researchers find a walk in the park could help people suffering with depression.

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