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Monday 21st May 2018

Mothers Articles


Average age of mothers hits 30

17th July 2014

The average age of mothers in England and Wales has reached 30 for the first time.

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Maternity care must be safer

29th February 2008

An independent review suggests many maternity units in England fail to provide top quality care.

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'Migrant baby boom' costs UK

30th January 2008

The NHS is spending £350m a year to provide maternity services for foreign-born mothers.

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Mothers 'happier' working

13th December 2007

Survey says women who work and have children are happier than stay-at-home mums.

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New mums - when to leave hospital?

6th August 2007

A new study says about one in six new mothers are not ready to leave hospital with their newborn.

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Mothers still die in childbirth

14th May 2007

Mothers continue to die at an alarming rate across the world, not from disease but from childbirth.

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