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Monday 28th May 2018

Broccoli Articles


Foods to help joint pain

6th November 2017

Arthritis symptoms could be east by eating certain foods.

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Broccoli adds to its superfood credentials

9th March 2016

New research shows broccoli can protect against liver cancer.

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Which green vegetables have medical benefits?

15th October 2014

Research into which green vegetables have medical benefits and whether they could save your life.

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Can broccoli slow arthritis?

28th August 2013

UK researchers believe eating lots of broccoli may slow down osteoarthritis.

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Cabbage-like vegetables slash cancer risk

2nd October 2012

A review of recent studies confirms eating broccoli, cabbage and similar vegetables cut the risk of a number of common cancers.

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Broccoli effective in treating lung diseases

8th November 2011

Researchers say broccoli may be better than steroids for treating lung conditions.

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New additions to veg on supermarket shelves

4th October 2011

Purple carrots and super-broccoli goes on sale.

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Broccoli helps clear lungs

18th April 2011

A compound found in broccoli is being trialled as a treatment for lung disease.

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California company recalls food products

3rd March 2011

Chicken and pork containing broccoli have been recalled amid fear of possible Listeria contamination.

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Broccoli helps with gut problems

26th August 2010

Research suggests fibres found in broccoli and bananas may boost body's defences against stomach problems.

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