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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Fat Articles


Fat can be breathed out of body

17th December 2014

Scientists say fat can be breathed out as you lose weight.

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Genetic flaw increases risk of obesity

16th July 2013

An international group of scientists believe they have solved the fat-boosting gene mystery.

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Soft drink sugar tax called for

29th January 2013

Call for 20p-per-litre levy on soft drinks in this year's Budget.

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Call for legal limits on sugar, salt and fat

7th January 2013

Labour to begin consultation on the fight against obesity.

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Chef meals 'less healthy' than ready meals

18th December 2012

Researchers say TV chefs' recipes are less healthy than supermarket ready meals.

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Best foods to burn belly fat

7th March 2012

Top 10 best foods to help burn your belly fat.

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Spoon feeding babies makes them 'fatter'

7th February 2012

Researchers believe spoon feeding babies mashed up fruits and vegetables appears to give them a sweeter tooth and makes them fatter.

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Takeaway meals high in artificial colourings

5th September 2011

A study suggests takeaway meals high in salt, fat and colourings.

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Diet drinks can make you fatter

29th June 2011

Scientists warn diet drinks can still make you fat.

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Thinking about fat could help you lose weight

7th June 2011

Study suggests thinking about calories could lower your levels of a hunger hormone.

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