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Sunday 26th March 2017

Allergy Articles


Peanut study could lead to cure for other allergies

23rd March 2015

New research into peanut sensitivity in children could pave way for other allergies.

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Eat peanuts early to cut allergy risk

24th February 2015

A study suggests eating peanut products as a baby cuts risk of peanut allergy.

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Side effects of anti-histamines

10th April 2014

Although anti-histamines can alleviate allergy symptoms, they also have some side effects.

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Potential peanut allergy treatment 'successful'

30th January 2014

A large clinical trial has transformed lives of children living with a peanut allergy, say doctors.

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Sinus problems help

17th December 2012

Help for sinus problems.

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Over-the-counter allergy pills can cause memory problems

12th November 2012

Researchers claim allergy pills can hit memory of older people.

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Ibuprofen caused allergic reaction

31st October 2012

Ibuprofen caused an 11-year-old boy to have a severe allergic reaction which almost killed him.

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Tips for allergy season

13th March 2012

Six tips to ease allergy symptoms.

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More training in lifesaving needed

10th February 2012

More people need to be trained in lifesaving.

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Squirt of gas could stop sneezing fits

27th September 2011

Carbon dioxide could be new treatment for allergies.

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