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Monday 21st May 2018

Menstruation Articles


Link found between inflammation and PMS

22nd June 2016

Research has found why periods hurt so much.

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Unlicensed Chinese medicine warning

23rd August 2013

High levels of lead found in Bak Foong Pills, used for the treatment of menstrual pain.

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IUD more effective for heavy menstrual bleeding

10th January 2013

Landmark study has concluded the Mirena IUD is best for heavy bleeding.

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Menstrual cycle 'affects asthma'

13th November 2012

A study suggests menstrual cycle can affect conditions such as asthma.

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'Majority of hospitals' offer specialist surgical treatments

6th July 2011

Latest findings show specialist surgical treatment options for heavy menstrual bleeding are now widely available.

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Period pain helped by acupuncture

23rd February 2010

Studies suggest acupuncture could perform better than painkillers like ibuprofen.

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Menstruation genes found

18th May 2009

Scientists have determined the genes which decide when menstruation begins.

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Menstrual blood can repair hearts

28th April 2008

Japanese scientists say menstrual blood can be used to repair heart damage.

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New pill stops periods

21st May 2007

Wyeth's new oral contraceptive Lybrel to win approval in the United States.

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