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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Test Articles


Take the Alzheimer's test

28th February 2014

The 21-question test has been developed to try and distinguish between normal forgetfulness and more worrying memory lapses.

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Cholesterol test fast may not be needed

13th November 2012

Study finds fasting before a cholesterol test may not be needed.

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Online test for asthma

1st February 2012

A new online test is being launched to try and cut deaths from asthma attacks.

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Food 'fingerprint' test developed

17th January 2012

University scientists develop a 'dipstick' test for urine to discover what someone has eaten.

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Cancer may be detected by breath test

11th August 2010

Scientists found test could detect and differentiate between the four most common types of cancer - lung, bowel, breast and prostate.

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Guidelines issued for internet genetics tests

4th August 2010

Human Genetics Commission says DIY tests can leave users 'falsely reassured or unduly worried'.

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New test detects Lyme disease

24th June 2010

The LIPS test quickly and accurately detects Lyme disease.

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Test to predict MS

17th June 2010

Scientists are developing a blood test which could detect MS up to nine years in advance.

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Fitness tests for England football fans

7th June 2010

The NHS is offering an online test to England's football fans to see how they measure up against other countries.

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All babies to be checked for jaundice

19th May 2010

NICE wants blood tests for all newborns who they suspect has the condition.

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