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Thursday 19th September 2019

British Articles


British baby receives genetically modified immune cells

6th November 2015

British baby becomes first in the world to be given genetically-edited immune cells and is now cancer free.

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One in five 'pull a sickie'

28th October 2015

Report finds one in five British workers pulled a sickie this year.

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First Brit to contract Ebola is discharged

3rd September 2014

A British Ebola patient has made a full recovery and has been discharged from hospital.

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British adults feel they have no-one to turn to

20th January 2014

A survey has suggested as many as a third of British adults have no-one to turn to in a crisis.

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Average Brit waits a year before visiting GP

9th July 2013

Study shows patients wait a year before visiting a healthcare professional.

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Britons 'most unhygienic'

5th October 2012

A study suggests Britons are half as likely than other nations to cover their mouths when coughing.

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Survey shows Brits avoid GP visits

19th September 2012

Almost one in four people avoid visiting their GP.

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Rise in Brits hospitalised abroad

19th July 2012

Figures show serious hospitalisations in Spain, Greece and Egypt are up 10%.

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Britons among laziest in Europe

18th July 2012

A new study found almost two thirds of adults in Britain put their health at risk through lack of exercise

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Average Brit suffers 9,672 ailments in a lifetime

23rd May 2012

Study finds the average Briton will suffer 11 headaches and six stomach bugs every year.

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