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Thursday 19th September 2019

Australia Articles


Should we be worried about Aussie flu?

9th January 2018

A strain of flu circulating this year is H3N2, dubbed Aussie flu because it's the same strain causing big problems in Australia.

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Pharmaceutical firms accused of price-fixing

16th December 2016

Six pharmaceutical firms from the US, India and Australia have been accused of price-fixing.

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Australian government hires Tim Kelsey

1st August 2016

NHS England's former national director has been hired as Australia's digital health chief.

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Australia takes Nurofen off shelves

14th December 2015

An Australian court has ordered Nurofen products off the shelves claiming the UK-based manufacturers misled consumers.

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Tim Kelsey leaving NHS England

18th September 2015

NHS England's most high profile board members is to leave to go to Australia.

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Health warning issued on skinny jeans

23rd June 2015

Doctors issue a health warning, saying skinny jeans can seriously damage muscles and nerves.

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Being obese raising eldery fall risk

19th February 2014

Study for Australians over age 65 found being obese raised the risk of a fall by 31%.

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Open plan offices leave workers unsatisfied

18th September 2013

A study has found open plan offices do not boost teamwork or interaction.

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Plain cigarette packets help smokers quit

23rd July 2013

Study suggests unbranded cigarette packets can make tobacco less appealing.

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Australian contract for NHS Direct

22nd July 2013

NHS Direct wins contract which will see its online health and symptom checker used in Australia.

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