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Thursday 24th May 2018

Sweden Articles


Baby born after womb-transplant

6th October 2014

A baby boy has been born in Sweden using a transplanted womb in world first.

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Uterus transplant a 'success' in Sweden

18th September 2012

Doctors in Sweden have performed two uterine transplants in a bid to allow two women in their 30s to bear children.

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Cancer diagnosis linked to sudden deaths

10th April 2012

Patients are at greater risk of death from heart attack or suicide immediately after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

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Driver survives two months at -30c

21st February 2012

A Swedish man survived in his car for two months after it became bogged down in snow last December.

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Magnesium in diet prevents stroke

17th January 2012

Swedish researchers say the magnesium must be taken via food, not dietary supplements, however.

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Aerobic exercise wards off migraines

11th October 2011

Swedish researchers say an aerobic exercise regime could be offered to migraine sufferers as an alternative to drugs.

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Face reattached using leeches

21st September 2011

Swedish surgeons have reconstructed a woman's face with the help of 358 leeches.

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New test could improve lupus diagnosis

16th May 2011

Swedish scientists are developing a blood-based test that could improve lives of people with lupus by detecting it at an early stage.

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Beauty sleep not a myth

16th December 2010

According to a Swedish study there really is such a thing as beauty sleep.

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