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Sunday 20th May 2018

Unit Articles


Advice on alcohol consumption unclear

7th October 2011

Guidance should be easier to understand.

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Elderly alcohol misuse problem rising

14th July 2009

Research shows one in eight people said they drank more after they retired.

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British adults risk their health for alcohol

22nd May 2009

Figures show 25% of adults are drinking so much that it is damaging their health.

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Charging 50p a unit for alcohol could save lives

15th May 2009

Research suggests raising the price of alcohol could prevent thousands of deaths.

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What is the real reason for rampant drinking?

20th March 2009

The driver behind binge drinking in England is the 24-hour licence.

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Alcohol warning labels by 2008

28th May 2007

Labels carrying health information will appear on alcoholic drinks by the end of 2008.

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