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Sunday 15th September 2019

Alcohol Articles


Non alcoholic drinks perfect for Christmas

21st December 2017

Celebrate Christmas with easy mocktail recipes.

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Children given alcohol too young

15th December 2017

Researchers warn parents are introducing alcohol to children at too young an age.

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Different alcohol determines your mood

22nd November 2017

Researchers say different alcoholic drinks change and shape your mood in different ways.

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Scottish minimum alcohol pricing to be decided

15th November 2017

Supreme Court to decide whether Scotland can implement minimum pricing for alcohol.

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Wales unveil minimum alcohol pricing

23rd October 2017

Minimum alcohol pricing law has been unveiled in Wales.

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Call for minimum pricing on alcohol

5th December 2016

Public Health England says minimum price per unit of alcohol would improve health of the heaviest drinkers.

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Alcohol causes seven types of cancer

22nd July 2016

A review has concluded that alcohol causes seven types of cancer and probably others.

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Alcohol ads seen once a minute

27th June 2016

Study found the Wales Euro 2016 match against England saw alcohol marketing ads shown almost once every minute.

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Babies tested for alcohol

3rd May 2016

Newborn babies are being tested for alcohol.

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Alcohol linked to stomach cancer

22nd April 2016

According to experts people who consume three or more drinks per day may be raising their risk of stomach cancer.

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