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Friday 25th May 2018

Bed Articles


'Wonderpants' to treat bedsores

16th October 2012

Scientists claim underwear which give electric shocks could stop bedsores.

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NHS spends £4m a week on elderly who block beds

24th September 2012

Report shows the NHS is forced to spend nearly £4m a week keeping elderly in hospital who are well enough to go home.

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Apology for 14-hour wait

1st March 2012

Health chiefs sorry after patients in A&E kept waiting up to 14 hours for a bed.

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130 acute sector beds to close

20th September 2011

Warwickshire QIPP plan closure of acute beds.

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Bedsores killing Scottish patients

21st September 2010

Bedsores have played a part in more than 500 deaths in Scotland over the last five years.

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Doctors to be trained in bedside manner

4th November 2009

Doctors training to change to make sure all have good beside manner.

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Bed bug infestations rise

15th September 2009

A survey suggests there has been a huge rise in the amount of bed bug infestations in England.

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Bed sharing 'unhealthy'

11th September 2009

Experts say couples should sleep apart for the good of their health and relationship.

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McKesson whiteboard system for King's

14th July 2009

Visual control system to be installed to help ward staff and improve care.

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Doctors develop bleeding test

16th December 2008

Doctors have developed a new technique to diagnose internal bleeding which could free up beds.

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