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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Iron Articles


Alzheimer's breakthrough

2nd August 2017

According to a study, researchers believe iron may be to blame.

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Two cups of milk a day best for children

18th December 2012

Too much milk can affect the body's ability to store iron, Canadian researchers find.

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Iron tablets reduce tiredness

11th July 2012

Researchers say iron tablets can reduce tiredness by 50%.

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Mulberries have health benefits

3rd October 2011

Mulberries are rich with iron.

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GP and Practice Team Bulletin – March 2011

11th April 2011

This bulletin is a monthly information update providing resources on health policy and practice for GPs and the primary care audience, including practice managers and nurses.

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Are we getting enough iron?

28th November 2008

A third of us don’t get enough iron in our diets and that can leave us feeling dizzy and breathless.

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'Seaweed' capsules may aid diabetics

30th July 2007

Capsules made from seaweed and iron could help diabetics who reject insulin-cell transplants.

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Iron harmful in pregnancy?

31st May 2007

A study shows pregnant women who take iron supplements could experience blood pressure problems.

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