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Friday 25th May 2018

Anaemia Articles


WebEx session for kidney care

6th July 2011

NHS Kidney Care is hosting an e-seminar in partnership with the Anaemia Nurse Specialist Association.

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Sickle cell treatment safe for use in children

13th May 2011

US doctors say sickle cell anaemia treatment is 'effective for children' and should be made available.

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Anaemia drug for kidney disease

19th October 2010

The FDA says patients with failing kidneys should continue to use anaemia drugs.

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Cancer signs highlighted

27th August 2010

Researchers have pinpointed top eight cancer signs.

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What your nails say about your health

3rd August 2010

Vertical ridges are normal and become more prominent with age but not all deformities are harmless.

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Chinese children get lead poisoning

27th July 2010

Authorities in Yunnan province say more cases are expected to emerge, linked to illegal gold smelting.

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Health impact of Gaza blockade

12th July 2010

The continuing blockade has had a negative impact on public health, a study shows.

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Safety checks for anaemia drugs

7th January 2010

The FDA is to carry out safety checks on three anaemia drugs.

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World focus August 2009

15th September 2009

A round up of world health news over August 2009.

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How anaemia blocks anaemia

25th March 2008

A new study looks at how alpha thalassaemia children are protected against malarial anaemia.

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