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Monday 19th August 2019

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Dementia cases set to treble

5th December 2013

According to a new analysis dementia cases are set to treble worldwide by 2050.

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Hospital infection deaths fall

23rd August 2013

Figures for England and Wales show a drop in MRSA and C diff deaths.

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Are waiting lists down?

12th October 2012

Are waiting lists, mixed wards and hospital infections down?

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One in 12 children catch infections in hospital

23rd May 2012

HPA study found one in 20 children aged under 15 had a hospital acquired infection.

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Liverpool Hospital becomes first International Centre of Excellence in the Fight against Infection

16th February 2012

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Hospital infections rise

29th December 2011

Figures show a rise in patients picking up hospital infections.

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Technology to fight hospital infections

28th November 2011

A new laundry system using ozone disinfection is available to help reduce healthcare associated infections.

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Bedside furniture designed to combat bugs

21st November 2011

Four new bedside furniture designs to reduce healthcare acquired infections are now available.

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Nursing cuts will affect infection control

15th March 2011

Progress on tackling hospital infections in Scotland could come under threat with nursing cuts.

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Antiseptic baths instead of soap and water

21st February 2011

US researchers say antiseptic baths for inpatients reduces infection risk.

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