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Saturday 26th May 2018

Supplements Articles


No evidence that calcium supplements work

30th September 2015

Study finds there is no evidence to show supplements boost bones or prevent fractures.

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Labels on herbal food supplements 'misleading'

14th July 2015

A study has found some herbal supplements do not contain what they claim.

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Which? says consumers 'wasting money on supplements'

23rd August 2013

Which? says some manufacturers are 'exaggerating and misleading' consumers over benefits of food supplements.

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Vitamin D won't prevent broken bones

27th February 2013

Research shows vitamin D and calcium supplements have no benefits for post-menopausal women.

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Natural remedy could cure blindness

7th February 2013

A natural remedy could be the cure for age-related macular degeneration and blindness.

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Vitamins do not boost heart health

6th November 2012

However, research suggests that taking a daily supplement of multivitamins for years may help lower the risk of cancer in older men.

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Calcium may increase risk of heart attack

24th May 2012

Researchers say calcium supplements should be taken with caution as they may raise risk of heart attack.

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Vitamin E could be bad for bones

5th March 2012

Japanese scientists claim vitamin E supplements could be interfering with the process that keeps bones healthy.

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Antioxidants linked to cancer risk

11th October 2011

Antioxidants can increase the risk of recurrent breast cancer and early death if taken in high doses.

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Too many supplements are bad for you

11th October 2011

Many health-conscious people are actually damaging their health by taking minerals in excess of daily recommendations.

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