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Sunday 4th December 2016

Germany Articles


Job cuts at health insurance provider

24th February 2014

Germany's largest health insurance provider is to cut 3,500 jobs.

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Bottled water contains over 24,000 chemicals

19th September 2013

New study out of Germany found thousands of chemicals leeching from plastic products.

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Could acupuncture relieve allergies?

19th February 2013

A German study suggests acupuncture could relieve seasonal allergies.

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Germany in organ donor scandal

8th January 2013

Investigation in east Germany over allegations that doctors manipulated an organ waiting list.

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Brain signal deficits linked to autism

18th September 2012

Researchers in Germany say research on the neurons of mice could pave the way for an autism drug.

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Coffee not linked to chronic illnesses

5th March 2012

Research says coffee drinkers are at no greater risk of chronic illness than anyone else.

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Malaria drug breakthrough could slash costs

31st January 2012

The new method of extracting the life-saving drug could reduce the cost of artemisinin by a third.

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3D viewing won't trigger epilepsy

6th December 2011

Everyone runs a slight risk of seizure, nausea and headaches when watching 3D TV.

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Artificial blood vessels in 3D

19th September 2011

3D printing could soon be used for transplants of lab-created organs.

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E coli warning

22nd July 2011

E coli may still be lurking in Germany.

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