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Monday 28th May 2018

Cosmetics Articles


Call for new tests of nanotech safety

23rd April 2012

The Food and Drug Administration warns manufacturers not to make assumptions about the safety of nanomaterials in food and cosmetics.

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Healthy cosmetics on the rise

6th April 2010

Scientists are developing healthier make-up based on herbal and traditional formulas.

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'Cowboy' cosmetics health risk

28th September 2007

Women risk health by having treatments that are untested say leading plastic surgeons.

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UK cosmetic 'guinea pigs'

2nd August 2007

Which? says a lack of legislation for cosmetic fillers means the UK is a 'testing ground'.

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Make-up used past sell-by date

4th June 2007

A survey says nine out of ten women are risking their health and looks by using out of date make-up.

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