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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Inhaler Articles


Childhood asthma being overdiagnosed

6th April 2016

Leading doctors say childhood asthma is overdiagnosed with inhalers being dispensed for no reason.

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Schools to get emergency inhalers

9th September 2014

From 1 October schools will be allowed to keep an inhaler for use in emergencies.

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Emergency inhalers to be kept in schools

24th July 2014

Schools will be able to keep emergency inhalers from October.

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Asthma inhalers for schools

24th April 2014

Campaigners say plans for schools to keep spare inhalers could reduce risk of emergency hospital admissions.

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Emergency asthma inhalers for schools

22nd October 2013

The government has announced schools should keep a spare inhaler and spacer for emergencies.

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Asthma inhalers to be sold over the counter

23rd July 2012

Supermarkets are to start selling asthma inhalers to people without a prescription.

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Inhaler might not need to be used everyday

15th February 2011

US researchers suggest milder cases of asthma may not need to be treated everyday.

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Inhaler use leads to drug dose mistakes

9th February 2011

Research suggests older people using inhalers run a greater risk of taking the wrong drug doses.

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Are inhalers making asthma worse?

14th January 2010

Researchers say inhalers could make asthma worse if used too often.

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Child asthma steroids cut by tests

19th June 2008

Testing breath and phlegm of children with severe asthma might spare them from oral steroids.

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