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Saturday 21st September 2019

Gene Therapy Articles


Gene therapy for haemophilia A

14th December 2017

Mind-blowing results achieved in an attempt to rid people of haemophilia A, say British doctors.

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Landmark gene therapy for hearing

7th February 2017

Deaf mice able to hear tiny whisper after gene therapy by US scientists paving way for similar treatments for people in the near future.

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Gene therapy reverses sight loss

29th April 2016

Vision improved with gene therapy in patients who would have gone blind.

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Gene therapy for haemophilia shows promise

12th December 2011

Study in UK and the US suggests one injection could be enough for people with haemophilia B.

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Gene therapy to save sight

28th October 2011

Advanced gene therapy used to prevent man from losing sight.

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NHS not ready for personalised medicine

19th August 2011

Genetic medicine is ‘a technology of today' so why are we not receiving its benefits?

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Scientists to tackle heart bypass failure

16th August 2011

Scientists in Scotland are given a grant to develop gene therapy.

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Parkinson's treated with gene therapy

17th March 2011

US researchers say gene therapy treatment for Parkinson's has been successful in clinical trials.

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Viruses modified to kill cancer cells

26th April 2010

Researchers say viruses can 'deliver gene therapy' to destroy cancer cells.

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Stem cells treat brain disease

10th November 2009

French scientists are using gene therapy to treat a fatal brain disease.

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