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Wednesday 17th July 2019

High Blood Pressure Articles


Stop eating four foods to prevent high blood pressure

9th March 2018

Lower risk of high blood pressure by avoiding certain foods.

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Three cups of this tea could lower high blood pressure

26th February 2018

According to study, three cups of hibiscus tea everyday could lower blood pressure.

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Advances in combating high blood pressure

21st November 2017

Real advance in combating high blood pressure say scientists.

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How to cure high blood pressure naturally

26th September 2017

Experts say you can lower your blood pressure by adding a supplement to your diet made from pine bark.

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Losing weight effective for high blood pressure

15th September 2017

Researchers have found staying at a healthy weight slashes risk of high blood pressure.

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Potatoes could increase risk of high blood pressure

18th May 2016

Research suggests eating potatoes or chips can increase the risk of high blood pressure.

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New high blood pressure device developed

23rd January 2015

Scientists say a device the size of a paper clip inserted in the grown shows promise.

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Hypertension drug recalled

19th June 2014

India's Dr Reddy's Laboratories Limited is recalling over 13,000 bottles of hypertension drug in the United States.

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Decline in kidney function linked to obesity

20th December 2013

New study suggests obesity increases risk of kidney disease.

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Overweight children at risk of high blood pressure

14th October 2013

A new study warns that overweight children are at a high risk of developing high blood pressure.

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