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Sunday 20th August 2017

High Blood Pressure Articles


Potatoes could increase risk of high blood pressure

18th May 2016

Research suggests eating potatoes or chips can increase the risk of high blood pressure.

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New high blood pressure device developed

23rd January 2015

Scientists say a device the size of a paper clip inserted in the grown shows promise.

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Hypertension drug recalled

19th June 2014

India's Dr Reddy's Laboratories Limited is recalling over 13,000 bottles of hypertension drug in the United States.

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Decline in kidney function linked to obesity

20th December 2013

New study suggests obesity increases risk of kidney disease.

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Overweight children at risk of high blood pressure

14th October 2013

A new study warns that overweight children are at a high risk of developing high blood pressure.

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Dementia risk cut by beta-blockers

8th January 2013

Trial suggests beta-blockers may cut the risk of dementia in patients with existing high blood pressure.

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High blood pressure while pregnant 'lowers child's IQ'

4th October 2012

New research indicates mother's high blood pressure can affect the intelligence of the child.

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Seven in ten have high blood pressure

14th February 2012

A study has found seven in 10 adults are at risk of stroke because of high blood pressure due to lifestyle.

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High blood pressure linked to birth defects

19th October 2011

Study finds high blood pressure in early pregnancy can increase risk of heart damage.

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Genetic code linked to high blood pressure

12th September 2011

Researchers have identified more than 20 new sections of genetic code which could lead to new treatments.

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