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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Ivf Articles


IVF rates on NHS has fallen

23rd September 2016

Figures show provision of free IVF on the NHS in England at a 12-year low.

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IVF costs must be capped

29th October 2015

Fertility expert says IVF costs to the NHS should be capped by the government.

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Access to IVF increased

21st August 2015

CCGs to increase age at which women can be eligible to NHS funded IVF.

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Severe restrictions to IVF services

3rd October 2014

Mid Essex CCG approves plans to restrict IVF access.

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Safer way of getting eggs for IVF

21st July 2014

UK doctors say using kisspeptin hormone is a safer way of getting eggs for use in IVF.

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Older sperm donors same quality as young

30th June 2014

Women considering sperm, donors should not be put off by quality of older donors.

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IVF postcode lottery to end

15th May 2014

NICE says the NHS is denying too many couples access to fertility treatments.

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IVF success rate could double

20th December 2013

Researchers claim mapping the genetic code of fertilised eggs could double IVF success rate.

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Non-invasive test hope for infertile men

21st November 2013

Scientists develop a non-invasive test for infertile men that could reduce surgery.

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Three person IVF warning

20th September 2013

Researchers have raised concerns about the safety of three person IVF.

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