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Tuesday 16th July 2019

Ivf Articles


Three-person IVF backed by UK government

28th June 2013

UK set to become first country to allow three-person IVF.

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IVF will not be offered to obese women

16th May 2013

IVF shake-up in Scotland means obese women will not be offered free infertility treatments.

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IVF should be given to older women

20th February 2013

New NHS guidelines say IVF treatment should be given more quickly and to older women.

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IVF treatment delay causes anger

31st January 2013

Claims that the Welsh government has stopped funding to IVF private clinic which is causing treatment delays.

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Blood clot risk from IVF

16th January 2013

Study finds women pregnant through IVF are at increased risk of blood clots.

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New IVF trial shows promising results

25th October 2012

US scientists say three-person IVF trial is a 'success'.

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IVF services get £12m funding

24th September 2012

Scottish government has announced funding for IVF services to cut waiting times.

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Uterus transplant a 'success' in Sweden

18th September 2012

Doctors in Sweden have performed two uterine transplants in a bid to allow two women in their 30s to bear children.

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Three-way IVF consultation begins

17th September 2012

Consultation launched to discuss ethics of using three people to create one baby.

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Freezing embryos debate

4th September 2012

Fertility doctors call for debate on whether embryos should be frozen before IVF.

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