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Sunday 21st July 2019

Ivf Articles


Avocado diet for IVF couples

4th July 2012

Researchers claim avocado diet could 'triple chance of IVF success'.

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Since 1978 five million IVF babies have been born

2nd July 2012

Research shows five million 'test tube babies' have been born around the world since 1978.

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First test tube mother dies

21st June 2012

Lesley Brown was the first woman to give birth to a test tube baby in 1978.

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IVF age limit should be raised

22nd May 2012

Draft NICE guidelines say IVF age limit should be raised from 39 to 42.

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Fertility quango sits on £3.4m

16th February 2012

Figures reveal the fertility quango has £3.4m of unspent funds.

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IVF clinics to have new targets

10th February 2012

The HFEA have set a target of 10% for multiple births.

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Can acupuncture boost the success of IVF?

31st January 2012

A new analysis of IVF research suggests acupuncture could help some women have babies.

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'Three-person IVF' moves closer

20th January 2012

Ministers to decide whether the controversial 'three-person IVF' technique will be allowed in patients.

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Thousands denied IVF

12th January 2012

Thousands of women are being denied IVF on the NHS.

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Frozen embryo babies healthier

6th January 2012

Research suggests IVF babies born from frozen embryos are heavier and healthier.

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