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Wednesday 17th July 2019

Ivf Articles


Mice techniques could improve IVF success

4th January 2012

Scientists in Cardiff find fertility techniques used in mice could improve IVF success rates in women.

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Cut-price test for IVF

28th December 2011

A cut-price test that could increase IVF chances will soon be available.

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IVF funding battle won

20th December 2011

Couple have won a rare victory over the NHS on IVF treatment.

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IVF funding ban reversed at NHS Surrey

16th November 2011

NHS Surrey to reinstate IVF treatment from April 2012.

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IVF babies have lower birth weights

1st November 2011

Researchers say that underlying fertility problems could be linked to low birth weights and smaller babies.

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Ovarian tumours linked to IVF

27th October 2011

A preliminary study has found IVF can cause ovarian tumours later in life, but the absolute risks are very low.

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Single women to get free IVF treatment

24th October 2011

Free IVF treatment for single women, but couples will be forced to pay.

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IVF success rates boost

10th August 2011

Scientists hope to boost IVF success rates by studying movement of eggs soon after fertilisation.

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IVF success rates boosted

29th July 2011

Bed of nails could increase the success rates of IVF.

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Woman refused IVF

8th July 2011

A woman has been refused IVF treatment because her husband has a son.

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