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Tuesday 16th July 2019

Ivf Articles


IVF twins can be avoided

5th July 2011

Experts have found a way to reduce risk of twins from IVF treatment.

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Trusts refusing couples IVF treatment

7th June 2011

A report says most PCTs have imposed strict rules on who is allowed treatment.

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IVF change leads to fewer mutiple pregnancies

13th May 2011

Multiple pregnancies has declined from almost one in three to less than one in four.

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15 is the magic number for IVF

11th May 2011

Experts have discovered harvesting 15 eggs is the optimum number for women undergoing fertility treatment.

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More research needed into three-parent IVF

19th April 2011

A review has concluded the treatment needs more research.

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Stress does not affect IVF treatment

25th February 2011

A study says stress does not prevent a woman from becoming pregnant.

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IVF and tattoo removal funding stopped

16th November 2010

NHS Surrey stops IVF treatment for women under 39 along with low priority interventions.

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High risk of cerebral palsy through IVF

3rd November 2010

Danish scientists have found babies born with the help of IVF are at a higher risk of cerebral palsy.

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Yorkshire PCT suspends contracts with GPs

27th October 2010

To tackle 'serious financial pressures' Yorkshire PCT has suspended contracts with local GPs and halted IVF procedures.

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Test to pick healthiest embryo

12th October 2010

A new test could help infertile couples conceive in IVF breakthrough.

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