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Monday 28th May 2018

Efficiency Articles


Trusts named to take part in Carter review

19th August 2015

Hospital efficiency review to take place across 22 trusts.

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Imperial to record over £11m surplus

15th March 2013

Following significant efficiency savings Imperial are expected to record over £11m surplus this year.

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Pledge to cut NHS costs

25th March 2010

In an 'efficiency savings' drive the DH pledge to cut £4.35bn over next three years.

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England NHS 'most efficient'

20th January 2010

A sudy suggests the NHS in England is more efficient than the rest of the UK.

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5S for Healthcare (Lean Tools for Healthcare Series)

14th December 2009

There are a growing number of books based on lean there are very few that detail the tools that make lean more than just a way of thinking and put the methodology into practice.

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Lean for Practitioners: An Introduction to Lean for Healthcare Organisations

26th August 2009

This book has been written as a starter guide for those involved in delivering Lean in healthcare organisations.

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